Mangalore University Results BBM Results Distance Education

Mangalore University is located at Mangalagangothri, approximately 20 kilometers southeast of historic coastal city of Mangalore. It has a beautiful building, which extends three hundred and thirty three (333) acres, the Arabian Sea merger Nethravathi river on one side, and cloud-covered Western Ghats in the second. College after only 3 PG departments, now 25 units for a modern infrastructure and experienced teachers to support. There are hostels, playgrounds, sports fields, modern sports hall and indoor sports facilities. The university of employees itself Vishwamangala Education Society development are realized, schools, colleges and Pre-University College Campus.

Mangalore University since its inception has grown and 190 universities, where the two parts of higher education, repeated in Mangalore and Madikeri, the Govt of Karnataka University in 1992. The university established the PG Courses offers biochemistry and microbiology at Cauvery Campus in Madikeri.

Mangalore University has approximately 411 researchers focused on the research doctorate and an active member of the faculty and education. University receives a large contribution to the UGC, DST, Karnataka Govt, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Space, Ministry of Atomic Energy, Department of Ocean Development, Department of Electronics, Department of Biotechnology, and other central authorities.

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Eiilm University Call Us At 01147350606

In the contemporary era of extreme competition, numerouslearners in India are more disposed towards diverse distance learning courses. Each year, about 30000 students enroll for the programs of theSchool available under two types: Regular and Open.

EIILMUniversity, also known as Eastern Institute for Integrated learning in Management University, Jorethang, Sikkim, is completely recognized and permitted by University Grants Commission (UGC). EIILM University is thevery first University in our country to be awarded the prominent ISO 9001:14001 certification endowed by UKAS.EIILM University has been founded on the grounds of advancing academic principles. The University holds the heritage of innovativeadvanced education in India built on international models. It accomplishes to sustain the same great standard to attain global existence. Atthe EIILM University, academic programs are bench-marked against the finest professional and academic standards.

EIILM University Distance Education gives anexperience ofboth Quality & Flexibility.EIILM University has been formedon the footing of positiveacademic principles rested over the years. The University holdsthe legacy of conveying international level education in India. Anextensiverange of programs are presented that cover a variety of career oriented courses. Courseware is occasionallyrevised to meet industry necessities and student ambitions. The courses are planned to give students andprospect to relate their creativity, intelligence and leadership abilities to the trials of the technology driven world.

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New York University Tisch School Of The Arts

New York has always been a melting pot of culture. And because of this, the city is known for its artistic side. Different fields of art are seen all over the city, from painting to music and film making. The city is also known for its art schools and universities that produce many talented artists from painters, to singers and directors. Its no wonder why some of the best film schools are found in New York. The city is overflowing with inspiration for the future Oscar winning directors, screen writers and producers. The New York University Tisch School of the Arts is one of the schools that are considered to be one of the best film schools in the country.

The New York University Tisch School of the Arts is the fourth on the list of the best film schools according to the Hollywood Reporter. The school offers the best about studying film in New York. That is, its very different compared to the schools is Los Angeles or other parts of California which is more mainstream with their work. In the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, the school offers an environment with a more indie feel to it. This means that the movies being produced by students here are more out-of-the-box and original. Think of artists like Oliver Stone Martin Scorsese, and Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad. These artists have made it big in the scene with their innovative and fresh ideas.

At the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, classes are more complex. For example, in a class composed of 12 students, they are taught by James Franco, one of the schools alumni, to turn a simple poem to a movie. The school teaches their students in a more unconventional way on how to make films. The students are then required to make a film for their final presentation. During which, they are given a chance to get $200,000 to create a full length debut featured film. The New York University Tisch School of the Arts offer classes on animation, film production, dramatic writing and digital arts. They also offer workshops and seminars during summer. The schools tuition is $45,674, more or less. but its worth ever cent since you are getting one of the best formal training for a bright future as a director, writer or producer.


Bachelor Of Hotel Management Courses From Manipal University

In view the ever-growing need for professionally trained resources with requisite experience by the fast-growing hospitality industry, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education established its college for Hotel Management studies in October 1986 as a unit for Dr. TMA Pai foundation. In August 1986, the Foundation joined hands with the hotels division of ITC Limited, operating under the brand name of WELCOMGROUP, a progressive hotel chain having linkages with the Starwood Company of USA. The institution thereby got to be known as the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, (in Short WGSHA) In July 2003, WGSHA became a constituent college of Manipal University.
ITC HOTELS with over 100 properties in 80 destinations and 4 brands, namely, the Luxury Collection, WelcomHotel – Sheraton, Fortune Hotels and WelcomHeritage stands out to be the most progressive of all hotel chains in the sub-continent.
A pioneer in Hospitality education, WGSHA, Manipal is the first college in the country to offer a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management. The institute celebrated its Silver anniversary on 28th October 2011.
To mould young men and women into competent and responsible professionals with pleasing personalities who would, with requisite experience, become leaders in the hospitality industry.
Keeping in view the real need for professionally trained personnel by the fast growing hospitality industry, Manipal established the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA). In August 1987, the Dr. TMA Pai Foundation joined hands with Welcomgroup, the hotel division of ITC Ltd. (a leading corporate sector organisation), to set up the institute in October 1986.
Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration offers several courses:
1.Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
2.Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Lateral entry
3.Diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology (DHMCT)
Fee Structure:
The course fees given in the table above is tentative. The final fee will be determined on the basis of recommendations of a committee of experts.

(1): The course fees and registration fees should be paid by a single demand draft drawn in favour of Manipal University.

(2): Fee remittance – General category students: The demand draft must be payable at Manipal or Udupi . Demand drafts must be crossed and Payees A/C only.

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International Holiday At Sumy State University

International Holiday at Sumy State University

On February, 19 2009 Sumy State University had a usual for a spectator show but with unusual participants Mister Sumy State University 2009 among foreign students. Today there are more than 600 students from 52 countries. On that day only 7 countries participated so, they were represented by 7 students. The participants were:
1 Show Rym Su Cameroon, 20, 3d year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute;
2 Abdel Sudad Iraque, 22, 1st year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute;
3 Murad Hadgimahomedov Dagestan, Russia, 18, 2nd year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute;
4 Gavad Zaman Pakistan, 21, 4th year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute;
5 Sanayam Lattaya 21, 5th year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute;
6 Al Hareti Nasser Yemen, 23, 5th year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute;
7 Emena Chyduzhidge Nigeria, 21, 4th year student of Sumy State University Medical Institute.
The first contest was a parade during which the contestants tried to make their first impression on the people present, fans and the
julr that consisted of:
1. The head of the jury the head of the department of pre-higher educational institution O.A.Vasylyeva;
2. The assistant of the head of the department of culture and tourism of Sumy Regional State Administration L.O.Nikonova;
3. The head of the department of culture and tourism of Sumy State Council N.O.Tsybulska;
4. The assistant of the head of Sumy-Himprom N.M.Sonina;
5. The director of Ostra-Sumy insurance company N.M.Reznik;
6. The director of the firm Prestige Travel I.I.Kramarenko;
7. The film-director of Vidikon N.V.Cherkasenko;
The press-secretary of the head of Sumy region Y.O.Hyrya.
The sponsors of the contests became Sumy State University, Sumy State University Medical Institute, Sumyhimprom, the firm Prestige-Travel, Sumy Regional State Administration, the insurance company Ostra Sumy, the department of culture and tourism of Sumy Regional State Administration, Muslim community of Sumy region, Internet-shop Technocom, Sumy State University students; trade-union, firms Energotechservice, Alamal, Personal Inter Kharkiv, the center of beauty and aesthetics Elita.
The second contest was called Visiting Card. The people present could watch on the big screen the video made of photos of the participants from childhood till today. And during this time the participants spoke about their life, families and countries. The fact of love for their motherlands was met with great enthusiasm. Somebodys parents are on the war and he is here – at Sumy State University. But still they love and respect their homes. How warm they were, speaking about their motherland and how proud they were telling people that they were its part. Its good that the boys dont feel lonely as everyone found new friends from foreign countries and from Ukraine.
In the next contest the participants told us in detail about traditions and culture of their countries and their traditional meals. Everyone seemed to be in the jury at this time as they tried all the dishes.
Then the contestants demonstrated their talents. Shou Rym Su showed his talent to dance. Abel Susad presented a dance with his friends and wonderful women from the East. Its not so easy to dance lezghinka as Murad does it. Djavan Zamad told everyone that he is a romantic person and sang a beautiful song about love. Al Hareti Nasser proved his talent for basketball and Sumy State University cheer leaders helped him with it. And Emena Chyduzhidzhe proved that he could do everything and prepared a Ukrainian dance! All the boys were good, its impossible to say who was better! Every talent is a reflection of people and their personality. Thats why it was difficult to decide who was better in the contest.
And a moment of excitement came. All the contestant got nominations, Vice-Mister and Mister were chosen.
Mr. Cuteness: contestant 4 – Gavad Zaman.
Mr. Talent: contestant 1 – Show Rym Su.
Mr. Erudite: contestant 2 – Abdel Sudad.
Mr. Model: contestant 6 – Al Hareti Nasser.
Mr. Courage: contestant 7 – Emena Chyduzhidge.
Sumy State University Vice-Mister-2009 Murad Hadgimahomedov.
Sanayam Lattaya from India becameSumy State University Mister 2009.

And we would like to say that everyone deserves to be Sumy State University Mister, but not everyone can be on the stage and also sing, dance and even talk.
I completely agree with the assistant head of Sumy State University Medical Institute V.Y.Pak that every one of them is the best: Show Rym Su will be a surgeon; Murad has his own Kryvorizhstal, Emena learnt Russian in half a year they are the best for us, spectators, students and teachers.
And let Mr.Sumy State University among foreign students become a traditional Sumy State University holiday!